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Sugar Cookie and Baking Tips

Aunt Bev's Top Tips

When I'm not playing online bingo at my Aunt Bev's Bingo Site, and giving my roomies the best new site deposit bonuses, you can find me in the kitchen trying to perfect my cookie making and baking skills!

Cookie Baking Tips

Here are my time and time again proven top tips for baking delicious golden cookies; perfect for sugar cookies and decorating!


1. Get it Soft

If your cookie recipe asks for softened butter, make sure you don't grab the block from the fridge and whip it in!

Let your butter sit at room temperature. When it's a little cold to the touch, but not looking melty, it's ready to use.


2. Spoon

You don't want too much flour or you'll end up with dry cookies.

Gently spoon your flour in to your messuring bowl and carefully level it off without pressing it down. It should fill the bowl lightly and not be packed down.

Baking Tray

3. Turn Around

Your oven will have hot spots and cooler spots, you'll note some cookies brown faster or more than others.

To get a nice even bake, turn your baking sheet around half way through. If you've got two sheets on two shelves, swap their shelves too.

There you have it, incorporate these steps on your next bake and hopefully your cookies will come out better than ever!

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